Short term rentals on your terms

Design, implement, and enforce your property's STR policy

A safe, compliant, and equitable approach to short term rentals

Rentbelly is a web-based service for building owners, property managers, and HOAs that enables you to implement and enforce your community’s Short Term Rentals (STRs) policy.

Given the surging popularity of sites like Airbnb, every community needs to have a thought out approach to short term rentals. Should there be a blanket ban on short term rentals? Should they be allowed, but with certain restrictions, like background checks for every guest? If short term rentals are allowed, should you also benefit by requiring residents to share a portion of their revenue with you?

Whether you prohibit STRs outright, or allow them but with certain restrictions, our system enables you to implement your policy and ensure compliance.


Mix and match these to suit your community’s specific requirements

Revenue Sharing

Automatically collect a share of the total Short Term Rental revenue made by your residents.

Short Term Rental Monitoring

Get alerted via email to unauthorized Short Term Rentals on STR platforms like Airbnb

Booking Calendar Transparency

Give your community managers a detailed view on who’s coming and going in and out of your property.

Background Checks

Require that every short term rental guest is screened. Do not grant access to anyone who fails the background check.

Local STR Regulations Compliance

Ensure that your residents’ short term rentals are compliant with your local STR regulations.

Fine Grained Bookings Controls

Restrict the maximum number of nights per year that a resident can rent their unit on short term rental sites.

How It Works

* for HOAs: we work with you to amend your Bylaws


Rentbelly costs $50 per building per month

In addition, if you use revenue sharing, Rentbelly collects a 2.5% fee on the short term rental revenue made by residents. This 2.5% fee is paid by the resident and appears as a line item on the revenue sharing receipt.


50  / mo 

  • Revenue Sharing
  • 24/7 STR Monitoring
  • Booking Calendar Transparency
  • Background Checks
  • STR Regulations Compliance
  • Fine Grained Controls
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